Combination Of Technology And Culinary Art

We In HCvapes were committed to Produce the Finest E-liquid for vapers pleasure. Therefore,  we have combine our brewing technique with Our culinary specialist and new technology to reach the maximum level of what we describe as finest E-Liquid in-term of Liquid Fragrance, Taste,  and Liquid Quality.

Malaysia Hub For E-Liquid Manufacture

In Vape Industry, Malaysia is well Known as E-Liquid Brewer Home. a lots of Malaysian Brand to be sold worldwide and great achievement for Malaysian brewer to get a fame in E-Liquid of Fruity Series. we was take this challenge to be seat at the same row with other famous brand and we approach the creamy series with the high quality of brewing Raw used and the most upfront technology to archive the high standard quality and fulfill the market demand to ensure all of vapers can enjoy our product to get the pleasure in vaping.   



Soul Creamy The Golden Eliquid

Soul Creamy the best Malaysian creamy e-liquid in vape industry. Start production on mid 2014, soul creamy was inspired with the taste of strawberry vanilla and custard. during the 2012 until 2014, Malaysian brewer was well know as a fruity based eliquid until this golden bottle enter the vape industry and shaken the vapers that Malaysian brewer also can produce such an high quality creamy eliquid.

During the entrance phase of soul creamy into the vape market, it become a phenomenon liquid that every single vaper in the country was dream to own this golden bottle that they are believed can give them the pleasure in vaping.

Story of Strawberry vanilla Custard. Strawberry vanilla custard is a prestigious hotel dessert, it come with vanilla custard pudding with the top of fresh sweet strawberry. it become more popular to the dessert lover when this idea was apply to other type of dessert and different style of serving. similar with culinary industry, brewers for creamy liquid will take example and inspired to brew their creamy liquid by following the trend in culinary itself. so from kitchen fresh we bring it into the vape to fulfill the vaper desire that looking for some dessert taste inside their RTA or RDA.

Every single puff come with consistent throat hit, it show that we are using formulated ration during the brewing process and selection of Raw material to avoid harm to the vaper. processed in fully pyrex glass standard and hand crafted to bring more luxury taste that makes you will stick on this golden bottle. Dare To Try? You Will Never Let the Golden Bottle Behind.